Attraction and Activity Offers -

Attraction and Activity Offers -

Bournemouth, Christchurch, Poole and the surrounding area is packed full of attractions and activities that are fun for all the family whatever the weather. Please quote 'Poole Tourism website offers' at time of booking. Please note all offers are subject to availability and individual terms & conditions.  See the individual business website for further information.

  1. Upside Down House image of people upside down on the ceiling

    Upside Down House Bournemouth

    Upside Down House Bournemouth

    ‘Happy Hour’ will be available from 11am-12pm on weekdays for all walk-ins will receive a 50% discount at the ticket office.

    Valid from 7th November 2022 - until 31st March 2023 on weekdays except half-terms and Bank Holidays.

  2. Upside Down House Bournemouth

    Upside Down House Bournemouth

    Mother's Day Special Offer 2024

    This year Upside Down House UK treats all mums with 50% off all tickets bought online in advance or at the ticket office on the day of their visit not only on Mother’s Day 10th March but the whole weekend – 09th and 10th March 2024.

    Enter code mothersday24 at checkout.

    *Terms and Conditions:

    • The offer is valid for a maximum of 1 ticket only bought in a single transaction online or at the ticket office of Upside Down House Lakeside, Upside Down House Brighton, Upside Down House Westfield London, Upside Down House Bournemouth or Upside Down House Milton Keynes for 09th and 10th March 2024 only.
    • Maximum of 1 reduced ticket could be purchased with each booking.
    • Any tickets bought in advance online for this date only, also allow you to purchase a ticket at a reduced price of 50%.
    • The reduced ticket entitles only 1 person for a single entry that can be used within the opening times of the chosen location (Upside Down House Lakeside, Upside Down House Brighton, Upside Down House Westfield London, Upside Down House Bournemouth or Upside Down House Milton Keynes) on 09th and 10th March 2024 only.
    • This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers and is non-transferable and has no equivalent cash value.
  3. Single bus fares £2 Morebus


    Single bus fares with morebus reduced to just £2!

    To help with the cost-of-living pressures the Government is subsidising most single bus fares to just £2. This is running until at least 30 June 2024.

    Many school bus routes are exempt from this scheme as they are not being funded – here is a full list.

    If you are a regular traveller, our weekly and monthly tickets will probably still be best value for you. However, many returns will no longer be required.  

    Find out more on the morebus website.

  4. Woodland Archery, Axe Throwing & Crossbow Shooting

    Unleash your inner warrior with Insight Activities' Medieval Trio!

    10% Feb discount (use discount code: Feb10)

    Step back in time and test your mettle with three legendary medieval skills:

    • Master the skill of archery: Channel your inner Robin Hood as you shoot arrows and hone your accuracy, feeling the satisfying twang of the bowstring and the exhilarating thud of your arrow hitting the target.
    • Command the power of the crossbow: Wield a weapon fit for knights and siege warfare, feeling the raw strength of the crossbow as you unleash bolts with pinpoint precision.
    • Become an axe-throwing champion: Let loose your primal instincts as you bury your axe in the wooden target, channelling the spirit of your inner Viking 

    This isn't just any activity, it's an adventure!

    • Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of our secluded woodland as you practice your skills
    • Expert instructors by your side: Learn from the best as friendly and knowledgeable guides teach you proper technique and safety, ensuring you have a great time while staying responsible.
    • Freedom to roam: No queuing, no waiting! Once you're trained, roam freely between the archery range, crossbow range, and axe-throwing zone, mastering each skill at your own pace.
    • Challenge your friends and family: Make it a friendly competition! See who can hit the bullseye most consistently, or bury the axes with the most satisfying thud.

    This is more than just an activity, it's an experience you won't forget:

    • Bond with your loved ones: Share laughter, cheers, and friendly competition as you create memories that will last a lifetime.
    • Discover hidden talents: You might surprise yourself with your newfound archery prowess or axe-throwing accuracy!
    • Unleash your inner warrior: Feel the thrill of mastering these ancient skills and connect with a bygone era of medieval warfare skills

    Ready to embark on your medieval adventure?

    Book your Insight Activities Medieval Trio experience today using code Feb10 for a 10% discount and prepare to be amazed!