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  1. Attractions in and around Poole
    Whether you want a wonderful seaside holiday, or an exciting range of activities for all to enjoy, Poole is a relaxing and family-friendly holiday destination with many family fun things to do all year round for kids of all ages.
  2. Panoramic views of Poole harbour during summer
    Explore the treasures of Poole's historic quayside, delve deep into the heart of the Old Town where sea captains and pirates once stood.
  3. Poole Beaches
    Enjoy the best beaches for winter walks! Poole's Beaches are considered some of the best beaches in the UK...Click here to get directions, facilities and other information from the official Poole Tourism Website
  4. What’s On
    Poole has a busy calendar full of great events all year round. Whether you are staying in resort on holiday or just coming for the day, it's always worth seeing What's On in Poole to enhance your visit!

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Back for 2023: Poole Christmas Maritime Light Trail

Back for 2023: Poole Christmas Maritime Light Trail

Celebrating Poole's rich nautical heritage, this stunning free maritime-themed light trail weaves through the town from the Lighthouse Quarter to Poole Quay. Featuring a giant anchor, a five-metre-high tall ship, Christmas trees adorned with seashells and starfish and so much more, we're looking forward to welcoming you!

Poole Beach

Six weeks of summer: Top three relaxing spots in Poole

Summer in Poole is a time to relax and unwind, and with so many picturesque spots to choose from, it's hard to decide where to start. But if you're looking for some sunny, tranquil places to while away the summer days, then here are our top three picks for you to consider:

Six weeks of summer: Budget-friendly family fun in Poole

Six weeks of summer: Budget-friendly family fun in Poole

Poole offers a variety of attractions, activities and things to do that make it an ideal destination for families on a budget. Find out the reasons why Poole stands out as a wonderful place for family fun without breaking the bank.

Two people kissing in front of a stunning sunset at a beach with their bikes

Six weeks of summer: 3 top sunset spots in Poole

Poole, a coastal gem and is blessed with breath-taking natural beauty and an enchanting maritime atmosphere. While its sandy beaches, picturesque harbour, and charming Old Town are well-known attractions, one of the most magical moments in Poole is the vibrant sunset that paints the sky with a kaleidoscope of colours.