Popular television programme Springwatch will be based at RSPB Arne in Dorset for Spring 2023. 

Presenters Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan will be live from RSPB Arne throughout the course of the 2023 series. RSPB Arne has never been visited by the Springwatch team before, despite the incredible variety of flora, fauna, birds and animals in this area. The delights of Dorset’s wildlife are sure to be a big hit with the Springwatch audience. 

RSPB Arne 

RSPB Arne comes alive at this time of year with rare breeding birds, specialised heathland insects and boasting all six of the UK’s native species of reptiles – three species of snakes, two of lizards and a slowworm. No doubt Chris and Michaela will have fun tracking down all six. 

Ospreys and eagles 

Meanwhile roaming across Dorset will be presenter Iolo Williams hoping to get a first-class view of Poole Harbour’s new ospreys and white-tailed eagles. He’ll be reporting about the successful reintroduction projects that have brought these birds back to the south of England for the first time in hundreds of years. 

Orchids and butterflies 

Iolo will also be on the look put for some of Dorset’s incredibly rare and beautiful orchids and butterflies on location at Durlston Castle and discussing all things marine on a visit to Swanage Bay. 

Tune in! 

Springwatch returns to BBC Two and BBC iPlayer from on Monday 29 May at 7.30 pm continues from Tuesday 30 May 2023 at 8pm. 

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