Well my dears come a little closer, no need to be scared now. Halloween’s coming upon us. All Hallows Eve, a time to witness death all around us. The trees turning on themselves, shedding their leaves, darkness drawing in, a chill down the spine and those who have gone before us ready to be awoken.....wanting to tell their tales. 

Down in Poole - the most haunted place in Dorset- there be all manner of strange occurrences and we’ll be delighted to take you round on 29th and 31st of October. Just look out for the Eventbrite links for indeed this is the only way that you can book up for our special Halloween Ghost Walks. 

We’ll take you to the the King Charles Inn where our Emily can shatter glass -a rare occurrence mind.....but so they do say her very sad spirit lingers, waiting to be felt (where you feel it, is up to you of course)......mind, her story needs to be heard. Then there’s the strangely named alleys.......Ball Lane........Dennetts Lane.......Hosiers Lane, some are cold, oh so cold, chilling! 

How’re you feeling....sensitive? You might need someone to hold your hand. And mind them bollards, we’ve got a lot of bollards here in Poole. 

Here: “What did the mummy ghost say to the baby ghost?..........Don’t spook until you’re spooooooken too!” Well we’ve gotta have a bit of a laugh about it haven’t we?! 

Old ‘Red' may serenade you as well, with some spooky old folk songs bouncing off the walls of the grand mansions of the West End. 

People tell us all sorts of ghostly goings on, on our Walks. Some remember their parents being ‘knocked up’ by me, Caroline Jane Bartlett, the last Knocker-Upper here in Poole. A presence ‘pushing by’ them down the nooks and crannies of this ancient fishing town. An ex-postmistress came on our walk once and told us of all sorts of things she’d felt early in the morning-horses hooves sounding in the yard of the Crown Hotel on Market Street, a cat disappearing through walls with sparkles going off on its tail, roman soldiers being seen marching up on the old Roman road at Creekmoor. 

Maybe’s you’ll come and share your stories with us ‘cos that’s the only way we can pass these things on? Smugglers in the cellars, tunnels leading from the Great Quay of Poole to the churchyard.........oh and the churchyard!......... 

Down on the Great Quay of Poole people have been working for thousands of years and there’s the Ducking stool which was always busy back in the day, putting thems involved in witchcraft to the test. 

So come and join us for Halloween, bring along all your company for a special treat, the dead’ll be sure to be dancing on that night, will you? 




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