Bikers on the South Coast descend on Poole Quay every Tuesday evening to meet up for the famous Poole Dream Machines weekly bike meetup to show off and check out each other’s bikes as well as enjoying good old fish and chips on the Quay. The event runs from April 5 to September 27, and I recently had the opportunity to go down and check it out for myself. 

When I arrived there were already hundreds of bikes parked up on the Quay and the event staff were marshalling the bikes that were still arriving to their spots. There was everything on show, from small 125cc bikes to big Harley Davidsons and even some awesome tricycles. The sun light was just dipping past the buildings on the quay which was the perfect opportunity to take some beauty shots of the bikes.  
The bikes are parked up right along the Quay from the corner next to the High-street right along to outside the Poole Quay hotel. I walked right along to the to see all the bikes, I was surprised to see the amounts that were there.  

There is a deep sense of community within the biking world and no better summed up by popular local TikTok influencer, Nightshiftrider  

“It's an amazing experience at Dream Machines and whether you're a biker or not, everyone should experience it at least once, or if you're like me, as many times as possible! It doesn't matter if you ride a scooter or a 125cc, everyone is welcome. As a biker, it's truly an amazing experience and a great show of our local biker community.” 

The bikes are judged by a panel of experts each week, and the winner receives some brilliant bike related goodies! Think your bike has what it’s got to win bike of the night? Check out our previous winners. So, if you are down around Poole with your bike, bring it along, or come visit with family or friends and see the amazing bikes on display. Why not grab some delicious food whilst you are on the Quay too and make an evening out of it!  




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