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Poole Tourism Environmental & Social Policy


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Environmental and Social Policy

Poole Tourism is committed to achieving environmental and social best practice throughout its business activities, wherever practicable. We recognise that our day-to-day operations (both internally and externally) will inevitably have environmental and social impacts. We are committed to minimising the negative and increasing the positive effects wherever and whenever possible.

Our aim is to fully integrate sustainable management into our business based on continuous improvement, consistent with current knowledge.

Poole Tourism is committed to:

  • Complying with all environmental regulations and legislation
  • Assessing the environmental effects of our business activities and minimising all forms of pollution.
  • Working to reduce the negative impact of work related travel were possible.
  • Reducing the consumption of water and energy and to promote energy saving practices amongst employees
  • Reducing the amount of waste produced, as well as looking at recycling opportunities and the purchase of recycled products.
  • Involving employees in our sustainability programme and providing the necessary training
    Working with key suppliers, contractors and clients to encourage them in the development of good sustainable practice
  • Influencing our business partners and visitors to the area and acting as an example.
  • Reducing our paper supply of literature and increasing usage of the internet for visitor enquiries

Graham Richardson – Tourism Manager

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