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Poole Dream Machines

 Dream Machines Poole Tourism 2014

Now recruiting volunteers to help with the 2017 season - an opportunity for you to gain some valuable experience. If you are interested please contact

The UK’s biggest and best weekly bike meet takes places on Poole Quay every Tuesday from 6pm. This popular motorbike event runs throughout Summer months on Tuesday evenings.




Please note the event season dates for 2017 have reverted back to April to Sept,
see press release for full information.

 Please be aware that the Quay itself is generally a no parking area and closed especially for the event at 5:30pm.

The entire Quay is closed off to all traffic, except bikes. Numbers of motorbikes regularly exceed 1000. The display features a wide range of models and makes, many of which have been modified and fitted with interesting features and extras.

For information, the area between Pavers and Poole Pottery is private land from Old Orchard, all the way back to the lifting barrier.We have been asked to keep it clear for fire access as some buildings fire exits open on to it.

Poole Quay Dream Machines is a fully marshalled event, with a £1 entry charge per night or £8 for a season armband (on sale at the Tourist Information Centre). It is a self-funding event and once all event costs have been deducted the surplus is donated to charities selected by the volunteer marshals.

Dream Machines on the QuayThe event creates a unique, exciting atmosphere as bikers and spectators enjoy a relaxed evening on Poole Quay. The backdrop of the quay and harbour offers the perfect location and there is a great selection of waterside cafes, bars, restaurants and food kiosks offering refreshment, many with bike night specials on their menus.

When the main quayside area becomes full there is a second arena at Harbourside Park available.

The popular Bike of the Night competition takes place every week. On the evening a different judge selected by Poole Tourism selects their favourite bike on display. The winner receives some brilliant bike related goodies.  

You can also register for the Poole Dream Machines NewsDirect enewsletter or keep up with the latest news on #PooleDreamMachines

 For more information see the history of the event.

Summertime in the SOuth logoDream Machines is part of Wave 105’s Summertime in the South events programme.




Dream Machines Financial Report for Year 2015
Income ex. VAT    £13,585 (including 691 armbands)


Contractors & Transportation staff £11,203
Banners/promotional material/tickets £     578
Bike of the Year prizes £     600
Volunteers refreshments - pre/post season meetings £     350
Uniforms £         0

Total Expenditure                                                        £ 12,731

                                2016 surplace                                                                  £854

                                Poole Tourism contribution                                               £796

                                Total donation                                                               £1,650

Poole Dream Machines 2016 charity and local organisation donations:

DocBike link will open in new window £1500

Poole Old Town Society £150


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