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My Maritime Poole Photo Competition

Poole Maritime Photo CompetitionThe Mayor of Poole, Cllr Xena Dion, has announced the launch of ‘My Maritime Poole’ a maritime themed photography competition as part of the European Maritime Day celebrations. Entrants are invited to submit photographs that reflect and celebrate our relationship with the sea and make Poole a great place to live and work.

Some of the categories include Poole Town, History of Poole and Seasons in Poole. Entrants can submit one photograph in each category; you can view the full list of categories on the My Maritime Poole Photo Competition website.

The competition is open to anyone but is divided into two age groups – up to and including 16 years and over 16 years. All entries must be submitted by midnight on Sunday 16 April 2017 in order to be officially entered.

There will be a winner and two runner-up photos in each category. The winners will be announced on Friday 21 April 2017. The winning photographs will be presented by way of a slide show during the Mayor of Poole’s Maritime Ball which will be held at Poole Lighthouse on Saturday 13 May 2017 and which heralds the start of Poole’s European Maritime Festival. Cllr Dion explains: “There are some really talented photographers of all ages and experience levels in and around Poole, and we want to provide an opportunity for them to raise their profile and showcase their work. With European Maritime Day coming to Poole in May, there will be several opportunities to display the photographs by way of a collective slide show. We plan to use the photographs during the evening at the Maritime Ball as a celebration of the association with the sea so are looking for pictures that will really wow the 400 or so guests.” 

For more information and to submit your photo visit the My Maritime Poole Photo Competition website.

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