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History Festival Project at Wimborne Model Town

Wimborne Model Town is looking forward to playing a major role in the Wimborne History Festival which will run through June and July this year.

A reminiscence project will see the involvement of local school students interviewing senior residents of the town, gleaning memories and stories that relate to people and places of the early 1950s Model Town era.

Young people will be involved in a shop front design workshop using the Model Town’s 100 shops as a resource.

A Go Compare quiz will let participants observe the Model Town buildings of 65 years ago and examine the changes and similarities that exist in the Wimborne of today.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to share the significance of the Model Town in Wimborne’s social history” said facilities trustee, Stuart Laybourne.

The volunteer run educational charity opens for the new season on 19 March.

Wimborne Model Town History Festival

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