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Poole & Bournemouth Visitor Charter - The Poole and Bournemouth area is one of great natural beauty.  We are committed to ensuring our natural environment is beautiful for visitors and residents to enjoy all year round.  Please read our Visitor charter for some easy steps to ensure you get the most out of your visit and help preserve this fantastic area.  (see attachment).

Poole Tourism Information Centre - Poole's Tourist Information Centre is located within Poole Museum, just off Poole Quay.  Contact us for any information you need for planning your trip to Poole.

Tourism Direct - Subscribe to Tourism Direct to receive up-to-date Poole information direct to your email, including events, special offers, latest news & eating out.

International Education - the Poole and Bournemouth area is a centre of excellence for international education offering a great selection of language schools and higher education facilities.

Harbour and Marina Information - Everything you need to know about Marinas, Harbour Dues, Watersports and Poole Harbour.  For weather conditions go to link will open in new window

Disability Information and Access Guide - Access information for less mobile visitors.

Poole NHS - Information about Poole NHS, Poole Hospital

Leisure Facilities - Golf Clubs, Leisure Centres, Bowling Greens, Tennis Courts and BMX and Skateboarding parks in Poole.

Community Toilets - useful information about public toilets in Poole (links to Borough of Poole information to keep updated)

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Links Page - An alphabetical list of links to other useful websites related to Poole.

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