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Tourism Business

Poole is a hugely successul tourism destination, with a modern image and a product that is relevant to today's customers.   It is renowned for its quality image, and has hotel occupancy figures that are among the highest in the UK.   Its marketing is contemporary in style and Poole confidently looks forward to continued growth and investment.

Poole aims to protect the natural environment that attracts so many of our visitors - information, advice and tips on how to help make your business more sustainable is available from many sources.  Sustainability not only helps visitors make responsible choices it can save you money too! 

Mission Statement
"Poole aims to maximise the positive contribution tourism makes to the image, environment, and economic development of Poole.   Poole is both dynamic and sensitive in the management, marketing and development of tourism, so as to sustain and generate employment opportunities, create confidence for inward investment, stimulate civic pride and enhance the provision of leisure opportunities for resident and visitor alike."

Destination Poole

Poole Tourism Partnership
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The following pages are primarily a service to our partners, or those that wish to become our partners and are intended to offer the latest news, information, opportunities and tips on anything to do with tourism.

We always welcome feedback, as we are committed to offering the best possible service. Please do contact us if you have any comments/suggestions to make about either our service or these pages on the website.

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