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Lord Montagu's invitation to name the Green Man.

Lord Montagu is offering visitors to Beaulieu the chance to name his newly carved green man tree sculpture which stands on the banks of the attraction’s Mill Pond Walk.

The characterful green man, which has been carved from a live oak and uses the tree’s green leaves as his hat, is one of three stunning carvings which have recently brought to life ancient mythical creatures.

Skilfully carved by expert wood carver Paul Sivell using old oak trees rooted in the grounds of the Montagu ancestral family home Palace House, these incredible sculptures could have stepped out of the pages of a story book.

Newly completed for the summer, the green man sculpture perfectly represents this ancient character from folklore who traditionally tends to new life in the forest, watching over the plants and animals. His painstakingly sculpted face and beard are complimented by the walking stick in his hand, while he supports a wooden squirrel, black and white woodpecker and red-breasted robin.

To suggest the green man’s new name and for a chance to win a family ticket to Beaulieu, send your entry to us on Twitter @Beaulieu_Hants, Facebook at /nationalmotormuseum, Instagram @national_motor_museum or on email to Lord Montagu will have the final decision on the winning name and entries should be sent by Thursday August 31st.*

Beaulieu - Green Man

As part of the set of new tree sculptures, a tree-top griffin marks the start of the Mill Pond Walk and welcomes visitors to Beaulieu near the entrance to the attraction. The magnificent beast – with the wings, head and talons of an eagle and the body, tail and legs of a lion – is the heraldic creature which supports the Montagu family’s coat of arms. Visitors riding on the Monorail have a high-level view of this remarkable sculpture.

Stretching out across the Mill Pond is another new carving – a many-headed serpent. The sprawling limbs of this oak formed the perfect shape to create a serpent slithering out into the water.

The magic continues along the Mill Pond Walk with tiny fairy doors which have been hidden in the trees. Why not enter the realms of magic in your search for these entrances to the Beaulieu Estate’s tiniest homes . . . what magical creatures might be living behind each of the miniature door creations?

The tree carvings and fairy doors are included in the general admission to Beaulieu along with entry to the National Motor Museum and its collection of more than 250 vehicles, the new-look World of Top Gear, On Screen Cars, Beaulieu Abbey, Palace House and the picturesque grounds and gardens. For advance tickets see or call 01590 612345 for more details.

* Please see for the full terms and conditions.

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