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Dolphin Shopping Centre sponsors 2016 European Cycle Speedway Championships

Dolphin Shopping Centre Logo  2The Dolphin Shopping Centre is continuing its commitment to support the heritage of cycle speedway within Poole and is the main sponsor for this year’s European Cycle Speedway Championships.

The three day competition will kick off at Harbourside Park on Friday July 29 and it’s the first time Poole has hosted the European Championships.

Last year the shopping centre sponsored the World Team Cycle Speedway Cup which saw Poland lift the title.

The free to attend event welcomed more than 2,000 visitors and this year anticipates even more numbers as England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and other leading nations across Europe compete for the European Cycle Speedway trophy.

Commenting on the sponsorship, Dolphin Centre manager John Grinnell said: “Poole was a hotbed for the sport from the late 1940s and it’s great to see that cycle speedway is still being enjoyed to this day. It’s important we help support and encourage a sporting event that is integral to the history of Poole.”

The teams consist of five riders who have four races each and the match consists of 16 heats. Riders representing England, who are tipped for the final, are Aaron Smith and Steve Harris who ride for the Poole Comets.

For more information on cycle speedway and the 2016 European Cycle Speedway Championships, please visit: link will open in new window.

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