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Jurassic Coast Honoured by Royal Geographical Society

We're proud to share with you the news that the Jurassic Coast link will open in new windowTeam has been awarded the Royal Geographical Society 2016 Geographical Award.

These prestigious medals and awards recognise excellence in geographical research and fieldwork, teaching and public engagement. They are presented annually to individuals who have made outstanding achievements. The esteemed list of previous winners includes David Livingstone, Captain R. Scott and more recently Dr Sylvia Earle and Sir David Attenborough.  Whilst it is unusual for a ‘team’ to be awarded, in the case of the Jurassic Coast, this is entirely appropriate. The Jurassic Coast has always been a partnership organisation and without the work of many people over a number of years, winning this award would not have been possible.
The Jurassic Coast World Heritage Team has won the award based on “outstanding collaborative work to foster student and wider public engagement with the Jurassic coastline”.

Sam Rose, Jurassic Coast Manager said: “We are truly honoured to have received this prestigious award, and humbled to be ranked alongside some of the world’s greatest geographers. It is a testament to the outstanding work of the Jurassic Coast team over the last 16 years, and the passion and enthusiasm of many, many people who have worked so hard to help engage the public with understanding and appreciating this special World Heritage Site.” 
Representatives from the Jurassic Coast Team are delighted to be attending the awards presentation at the Royal Geographical Society on 6th June.

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