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Highways Agency Winter Driving Campaign 2011

Make time for winter

We all need time.
Time to get to work, time to get home
Time to deliver goods around the country

When the weather isn’t great, travelling can take a little more time

By spending some of that time preparing for the snow and ice, we can all help keep the country on the move.

Highways 2011 - Be InformedHighways 2011 - Be preparedHighways 2011 - Be awareHighways 2011 - Be Wise

Countdown to an easier winter journey

The Highways Agency is prepared.  It has a fleet of more than 500 winter service vehicles on standby and colleagues from the Met Office are in its national traffic operations centre to provide vital information.

Are you prepared? Check your vehicle is ready for winter too – and always carry an emergency kit.

Before you set off - just a few minutes checking the weather forecast and traffic reports for your journey could make all the difference.

The Highways Agency winter teams need time and space to do their job. By planning your journey around the weather it helps allow their crews the time and space they need to get ahead of you and keep the network clear for you.

The Agency’s key messages for road users are:

• Be informed - check traffic and weather updates link will open in new window

• Be prepared - check your vehicle is ready for winter and always carry your emergency kit  link will open in new window

• Be aware - in severe weather our winter teams need the time and space to do their job  link will open in new window

• Be wise - conditions may change, drive with care


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