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Holding an event on Poole Quay?

One of the key factors in marketing Poole Quay is the management of events which are attractive not only to the visitor, but also to residents alike. The success of Poole Tourism events has provided the momentum for the development of other events.

Poole Tourism actively encourages, schedules and promotes public events on the Quay, which will not only benefit the organisation/group, but also the local community and people on holiday in the area.

Subject to certain conditions, individuals acting on or on behalf or an organisation/group may use the Quay for events, provided it does not contravene any statutory limitations or promote any political party. For full details of guidelines and please download the document above.  

We will advise and assist you to ensure you are aware of the appropriate Health and Safety guidelines and licence regulations. 

We will continue our support and look forward to working closely with other groups and organisations.

For events on Poole Quay please read the guidelines and contact Special Events Officer, Poole Tourism or call 01202 262637.

Note for events on the beaches or parks please contact the Community Events Team

Sarruga Pexios part of Inside Out Arts Festival on Poole Quay

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