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Getting Started

Where do individual businesses start, and where can they find help?

Visit Britain Green Start Scheme link will open in new window - Green Start is primarily an awareness raising, entry level training, and business review tool available to tourism businesses in England seeking to reduce their impacts on the environment or community in which they are located.  It is also an on-line community of like-minded businesses with an interest in the delivery and management of sustainable tourism.

Green Start delivers all of the resources that a tourism business requires to introduce and develop their sustainability programme and operates in partnership with training initiatives such as Green Edge Training and other regional or national resources where they exist. For more information visit link will open in new window

Green Tourism Business Scheme link will open in new window - The GTBS is the national sustainable tourism certification scheme for the UK.  Originally developed in partnership with Visit Scotland, it is now the only certification scheme validated by Visit Britain, through the International Centre for Response Tourism (ICRT).  "GTBS provides excellent value for money to a wide range of tourism firms with first class environamental advice and auditing.   Satisfaction rates of certified firms are very high and drop out rates low, both for the smallest of tourismfirms and increasingly at corporate level."  Xavier Font, ICRT.  For information on the most common Questions visit the link on the right hand side.  

Don't forget the cumulative result of adding together several small actions can be surprisingly big.  Even if you do not want to join an accredited scheme at the present time, you can be doing lots to save your business money and help the environment!





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