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Join Poole's Green Pea Scheme

What is the Green PEA scheme?Green Pea Logo

The Borough of Poole is committed to reducing carbon emissions and helping businesses to go green.

Through involvement with the E.U. Covenant of Mayors, the Borough of Poole has a target to reduce emissions by 20% by the year 2020.

The Green PEA scheme has been specifically designed to enable businesses to contribute towards this target. It is a voluntary certification scheme designed to encourage Poole-based organisations to think about their carbon emissions and then undertake activities in line with expert recommendations.

How does it work?

The Green PEA scheme is an innovative certification scheme with an emphasis on companies taking a proactive approach to reduction of their carbon emissions.

In summary companies will receive an initial cost analysis to provide a benchmark. They can then work through a number of levels within the scheme achieving milestones and accreditations.

 At all levels of the scheme there is an expectation of company buy-in, at all management levels. Companies need to commit to achieving their targets within a flexible designated timeframe.

Help and support is available at all times from the Borough of Poole and many associated experts in the field of green energy conservation.

To find out more about the levels of certification download the attached pdf.or call the Carbon Management Team on 01202 633029.