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Child Safety Tips

It’s easy for children to get distracted in busy places. Most children are reunited very quickly, but a child is vulnerable while lost so it’s important to teach a child what to do.

Tell your children that if they are lost.....

…but the best way to help a lost child is to try and prevent it happening in the first place - encourage children to stay close to you.


Safe and Sound

What is SAS?

Poole SAFE & SOUND was been set up to replace the very successful Pubwatch scheme that was running in the town centre for some years.

The objective was to re-launch and reinvigorate the scheme, enabling it to offer our members, their staff and customers a really effective deterrent to individuals who may be tempted to act in an anti-social way in or around licensed premises.

The SAFE & Sound scheme is supported by Poole Safe Licensing and is co-ordinated and administered by Poole Town Centre Partnership (PTCP).
Membership of the scheme should be viewed as contributing to you meeting your licensing objectives, which are: -

Preventing crime and disorder
Preventing public nuisance
Protecting children from harm
Public safety

The scheme is now an online system, designed to meet data protection laws and allow for easier access for members to view the latest photos, receive news quickly and for the scheme to distribute information.


What you get for your Safe and Sound Membership:

(subject to Information Sharing Agreement being signed)

Safer Business Scheme

What is SBS?

Poole “Safer Business Scheme” is the new name for the Poole Against Retail Crime Scheme, which has been operating for a number of years under the supervision of Poole Town Centre Partnership.  The new “Safer Business Scheme” (SBS) will continually evaluate new ways to improve the safety of visitors and your staff. These currently include:

The continuation of the regular member benefits which include:

The Safer Business Scheme is supported by The Borough of Poole, the Dorset Police and is Co ordinated and Administered by Poole Town Centre Partnership (PTCP).

All members of Safer Business Scheme should in the first instance defer to their employers policies regarding the prevention, detection and dealing with members of the public who either commit or suspected of committing crime and/or anti-social behaviour on their premises.

Membership of the scheme should be viewed as contributing to you meeting the objectives of creating and supporting a safe environment for you staff and customers which are: -

Preventing crime and disorder
Preventing public nuisance
Protecting children
Public and employee safety

What you get for your Safer Business Scheme Membership:


 Radio Link

RadioLink links all members of a particular scheme with each other, the Street Wardens and Police (SBS only) and the Borough wide CCTV cameras. Information can be shared quickly and easily and suspected offenders can be dettered before entering your premises.

Hire of Radio, including recharging station, basic training and servicing.
Want to purchase your Radio?
Give us a call 01202 262642


There is also an option to pay for any of the above by direct debit which spreads the cost over 10 months giving you 2 months with no payments. This also cancels the need to have an admin fee so you could save up to £26 a year.