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PTC Using the High Street

Here you will find information about booking the High Street for commercial uses and also information for High Street users, such as buskers

Commercial / Advertising activities

To book space in the following areas:

Other parts of the High Street (please contact us for prices)

(Prices may be negotiable)

If you are a local charity and wish to use the High Street then please contact us

Falkland Square Fees

Standard Pitches (3m x 3m)

1 Day -  £300
2 Days - £500
3 Days - £600
4 Days - £700
5 Days - £900
6 Days - £975
7 Days - £1050
10 Days - £1150

North Street /

1 day - £250
2 days - £350
3 days - £400
4 days - £450
5 days - £500
6 days - £550
7 days - £600
10 days - £650

 PTC National trust north street

National Trust in North Street on a cold winters day!

Please call 01202 262641 to book or contact info@pooletowncentre.com.   

For all bookings you need to have Public Liability Insurance and complete a risk assesment (template on the right hand side of this page if required)


Busking and Street Entertainment

If you are interested in Busking or performing street entertainment on Poole High Street you will need a permit. This consists of a simple form and understanding the code of conduct.  You will then need to return the completed form with 2 passport sized photographs. The permit application form and a copy of the code of conduct are available as downloads to the right hand side at the top of this page.

From 1 April 2017 the busking and street entertainment permit will cost £25 per year and applications will only be granted following a successful audition

Please be aware that the maximum time allowed per busker in each location is 2hours a day. Overstaying your welcome may lead to you being moved on. Persistent breaking of the rules may invalidate your permit and you will then be breaching the Public Entertainment license. You are also asked to comply with any requests to move on from either a Council official, a Police Officer or one of the High Street Wardens. This is down to common courtesy, if we receive a noise complaint turning your music down may be a suitable compromise.


PTC  Michael Jackson Busker


If you are interested in starting a business or investing in Poole the following websites are a great start!