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Rockley Park Quay for My Car - Weekly Winner

Friday 26th August welcomed American Dreams into the spotlight on Poole Quay for the season finale. The sunny weather ensured 76 cars arrived to be part of the line up for the final night in the Rockley Park Quay for my Car 2011 event season. There were plenty of spectators too creating a great atmosphere on Poole Quay.

The judge on the evening was Paul Bolton, a representative from Rockley Park. The "Car of the Night" prize went to Martin Sinclair from Southampton owning a green Ford Mustang. Paul chose this car from the extensive and varied line-up because it was very well presented. Martin has great pride in his car and is proud to label it as his 'favourite car ever.'

Martin was presented with a family day pass to Rockley Park. He can take advantage of the park's five star leisure and entertainment facilities as well as enjoying a meal in Rockley's Mash and Barrell Restaurant using a 50% off voucher. 

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Car of the Night 26th Aug