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Accommodation Quality Assurance

Accommodation Quality Assurance

What is Quality Assurance?

Quality assurance is an accreditation that accommodation providers can acquire to inform potential customers that they are of a nationally recognised standard. Ratings are separated by type of accommodation (Hotels, B&B's, Holiday Parks etc) and usually range from one to five stars based on the range and standard of facilities and levels of service.

How do I get assessed?

There are three organisations that can assess you, The AA,  Visit England, and  the Dorset Accreditation (local scheme through Visit England).

The AA have now been awarded the contract for the VisitBritain grading scheme. Both schemes adhere to national standards known as the National Quality Assessment Scheme (NQAS).  The third option Dorset Accreditation is operated by Visit England as part of their local schemes. This scheme is available to all serviced accommodation sectors and inspects to minimum standards.    Please note this scheme does not operate a star rating, , nor does it provide any signage for display outside your accommodation.   For details of this scheme call 01256 491 111 and quote Dorset Accreditation Scheme.   Assessment takes place in the form of an inspector visiting your business and giving a routine evaluation. You will subsequently receive your rating and a report containing feedback.

Visitor attractions are encouraged to belong to the Visitor Attractions Quality Assessment Scheme (VAQAS) operated by VisitBritain.

What if I would like to join but I am not accredited by any scheme?

We recognise, that for some businesses there may not be the business based justification for using the above schemes, and in these circumstances, Poole Tourism is willing to consider allowing you to join the partnership providing they are willing to comply with and sign our Poole Tourism Accommodation Charter.

Acceptance will be at the discretion of Poole Tourism and terms and conditions apply.

What are the advantages of getting my business assessed?

When you've been successfully assessed you receive many benefits including:

Accreditation reassures the customer of the quality of the accommodation and allows them to book with confidence.