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Poole Harbour Trails

Poole Harbour Trails currently offers a choice of walks around different sections of Poole Harbour.

Poole Harbour is allegedly the second largest natural harbour in the world. This national treasure provides access to some stunning countryside and woodland as well as providing wonderful views around the harbour itself. It is rich in wildlife and has attractive towns and villages set in some of the best walking areas in South West England.

See the harbour from a completely new perspective.

Walk 1 - Poole to Greenlands (7.5 miles)Poole Harbour Trails
Walk 2 - Greenlands to Norden Park and Ride (7 miles)
Walk 3 - Norden Park and Ride to Wareham (7.5 miles)
Walk 4 - Wareham Quay to Sandford (7.5 miles)
Walk 5 - Sandford to Rockley Point "The Cordite Way" (see website below)
Walk 6 - Turlin Moor to Poole Quay (7 miles)

Leaflets can be purchased from Poole Welcome Centre or visit www.pooleharbourtrails.org.uk