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The Bourne Valley Greenway

Start location :The Crematorium, Gravel Hill, Poole
Finish location : The Seafront, central Bournemouth
Distance : 7 miles
Grade: Generally flat with some inclines
Terrain: Easy/Moderate

The Greenway follows a picturesque green corridor with open spaces for play and relaxation, nature reserves, heath land and gardens and offers a peaceful alternative to the surrounding busy roads.

The walk is way-marked with a 'G' symbol and starts at the road opposite Dunyeats Road, leading to Poole Crematorium on Gravel Hill. A short way down this road turn right onto bridleway and follow way-marks across Canford Heath travelling in easterly direction.

At the eastern side of heath the path turns left towards Francis Avenue, crossing over a cattle grid. At Francis Avenue, Knighton Heath Golf Club will be on your left. Turn right and on reaching the Mountbatten Arms roundabout go right and down the hill. Pass a shop on your right (corner of Belben Road) and use the pedestrian crossing to cross Ringwood Road. Turn right and just passed bus stop turn left and follow path straight on. You are now in Bourne Bottom.

Follow the path beneath the pylon and out onto St Brelades Avenue. Take gravel path by the side of St. Brelades to barriers leading onto heathland. Go through barriers and follow gravel path across heathland to more barriers at the bottom of Monkton Crescent. Once through these, turn left and pass through another further barriers. Scott Road pond is to your left at the end of the recreation ground.

You can either take a right here through a narrow lane which follows the course of the stream behind the houses to Astbury Avenue or pass through a 2nd barrier, turn right and walk along Francis Avenue. At end of Francis Avenue turn right into Astbury Avenue and take segregated path at hammer-head. This path travels alongside the Bourne stream on South Park Road.

At the T-junction with Alder Road turn right. Immediately cross the road at the pedestrian crossing and turn right. Walk up pavement and turn left just passed the pub. Walk down path beside Sainsburys (which is on right) until you reach Winston Avenue. Talbot Heath is on your left. Walk up the pavement on Winston Avenue to roundabout. Cross over roundabout to footpath that runs parallel with the side of St Aldhelms school. Walk down footpath over heath, go through gate and join Dalling Road. At bottom of Dalling Road turn left and walk under the railway arch down to Havelock Road. Turn right into Havelock Road and go down steps into Coy Pond Gardens. Turn left at bottom of steps and follow path down through gardens following the stream. At Branksome Wood Road cross over and enter Bournemouth Gardens. Follow path down to the waterfront crossing Bournemouth Square on the way.

For further information on this route please visit the Bourne Stream Partnership website