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In the business? - have a look at the many benefits becoming a Poole Tourism Partner could bring you!!   Over 40,000 people click on this home page every day so don't miss out.

Poole Tourism Partnership (PTP) - A partnership between the Borough of Poole and all businesses that invest and support Poole Tourism through website advertising, sponsorship or other in-kind activities.

Can you afford to miss this opportunity to join us and make visitors aware of your attraction, accommodation, restaurant or activity?

Please note: to maintain our quality accommodation within Poole we recommend that accommodation within the partnership is inspected by Quality in Tourism. the AA or by the Dorset Accreditation Scheme (run by QIT but a cheaper alternative which inspects to minimum standards). 

However, we do recognise that for some businesses there may not be the business based justification in  joining these schemes, and in these circumstances Poole Tourism is willing to consider allowing these to join the partnership provded they are willing to sign and comply with the Poole Tourism Accommodation Charter.

In Poole we believe a strong partnership between the public and the private sector enables us to develop a clear vision for the future.

As a member, you will be able to nominate biennially a representative to the Poole Tourism Management Board (or why not nominate yourself!) and have the opportunity to put forward your views and ideas.

Sectors represented:

Why not join us and be part of the innovation and commitment that the partnership makes to Poole!

There are three categories of Poole Tourism Partners:-

We recognise that there are businesses locally that support our activities in a number of ways.  These may not necessary be tourism businesses or may not benefit from full membership.  There is now an opportunity for such businesses to become affiliate/microbusiness partners.

For more information on the Poole Tourism Partnership - contact: j.baynes@pooletourism.com or  visit the join the partnership page.