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Compton Acres dedicated week to celebrate the exotic

Compton Acres, home to Dorset’s finest private gardens, is holding their first ‘Exotics Week’ from Friday 14th to Sunday 23rd July 2017. The week will highlight the magnificence of exotic plants from around the world and celebrate Dorset’s unique climate which enables these plants to thrive locally like nowhere else in Britain. Thanks to the county’s position on Britain’s South Coast, Dorset has warmer summers and milder winters which means exotic plants that would perish elsewhere in the UK are able to flourish.

Visitors to Compton Acres can view the dedicated displays which will include plants such as Palms, Canna Lillies, Bananas, and Lemon Trees free of charge. The displays will be located by the Compton Acres Ticket Office whilst specimens will also be on show in the Italian Courtyard by the attraction’s popular Café and Tearooms.

Compton Acres horticultural experts will also be on hand at the Plant Centre throughout the entire week to provide in-depth information to anyone who would like to find out more about plant care and planting schemes for exotic plants. There will also be a wide variety of exotics from around the world available for purchase including Succulents, Agave and Bird of Paradise.

Bernard Merna, the owner of Compton Acres, said: “This week is a celebration of Dorset’s unique climate as well as beautiful exotics from across the globe. We would like to invite people to come and see the fantastic plant displays and find out more about these specimens which bloom better in Dorset than anywhere else in the UK.”

To find out more about Compton Acres, please visit: www.comptonacres.co.uk

 Compton Acres - Wooded Valley