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Event dates: 13 May - 15 Oct 2017
Event address: Various

About the event:

‘Sea Music’ has been positioned on Poole Quay as a focal point for the last 25 years. Designed to evoke the sound and appearance of the cascading sea through interlocking rings and curves, with central vertical planes recalling the masts and sails of the ships, ‘Sea Music’ is an early example of Caro’s ‘sculpitecture’.

13 May -15 Oct Poole Museum
An exhibition of Anthony Caro’s ‘Concerto Series’. This series of works have never been exhibited in full before.

Concerto Series, Anthony Caro Floor 1, Poole Museum

This series is a lively and lyrical group of sculptures which reflect the joy Caro found in music. Pieces from the series have been previously exhibited in Venice and in New York, but this exhibition is the first time such a large group has ever been assembled in one exhibition.

13 May-15 Oct
100 Views of Sea Music, David Ward
Floor 2, Poole Museum
The distinctive form of Sea Music is visible from many vantage points around Poole Harbour. Over one year David Ward has captured it up close and from afar, prior to, during and after the extensive conservation work.

13 May – 15th Oct
Caro’s ‘Slow March’ sculpture will also be sited outside the museum.

13 May – 30 Sept Lighthouse
An exhibition of Sheila Girling’s paintings in The Lighthouse, Poole. Colouful abstraction infused with a Modernist spirit. Sheila Girling also known as Lady Caro was the wife of sculptor Sir Anthony Caro. and enjoyed collaborating with him. 

To find out more please visit the Poole Museum website: http://poolemuseum.co.uk/plan-your-visit/seamusic/