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European Maritime Day 2017

Event dates: 18 - 19 May 2017
Event address: Various

About the event:

Held for the first time in 2008, European Maritime Day (EMD) is a prestigious international two-day conference and exhibition hosted by a different country each year. Former host cities include Brussels, Rome, Gothenburg, Athens and Bremen.

The conference is the heart of the project, bringing together around 1,000 industry leaders and policy makers including ministers, EU Commissioners, MPs and MEPs, academics, scientists and maritime experts. The conference themes address the EU’s Integrated Maritime Policy promoting economic growth, skills, technological innovation, environmental concerns and sustainability across Europe.

This year, the conference title will be 'Future of our Seas'. Topics to be debated include innovation and growth, people and skills, safety and security, and sustainability and governance.

The aims of the conference are to advance contracts and relationships between maritime stakeholders, promote and support development of integrated approaches to maritime issues, raise awareness of the potential opportunities across Europe's maritime and marine assets, encourage the sharing of innovative 'Blue Economy' ideas and practices, and raise the profile of maritime sectors. link will open in new window


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